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Myriad Greeyn Office Supplies - Veteran Owned SDVOSB & AbilityOne Distributor

Buy Office Supplies at a Disabled Veteran Owned certified SDVOSB and AbilityOne authorized Small Business - Myriad Greeyn, family owned and operated, established in 2009. Myriad Greeyn is an office supply store combined with a big box hardware and home goods store, carrying nearly 10,000 green products. We also carry many other less eco-friendly products drop shipped in bulk for free, to lessen the transportation impact on the environment. Myriad Greeyn LLC is proud to be a CVE certified SDVOSB (Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business) and an authorized AbilityOne Distributor.

Buy Green Wholesale Supplies & Eco Office Products at Myriad Greeyn

Wondering how to be green? Buy bulk wholesale supplies & eco office products, because buying in bulk reduces transportation fuel pollution, while saving you money, and green products produced in a sustainable fashion are always better than the alternative. At Myriad Greeyn you can buy bulk wholesale office supplies, sustainable green technologies, water conservation products, and energy saving devices. We also carry office equipment, emergency spill kits, & safety and medical supplies, all with Free Shipping. Sustainable Sustainability is what happens when going green is affordable, when you shop at Myriad Greeyn.

Buy Green Products in Bulk

Let Myriad Greeyn show you how to offset your carbon footprint and protect our environment with ways to stop global warming and climate change through sustainable green living, like buying green products in bulk to reduce waste, fuel consumption and pollution. We're the green company you need for wholesale office supplies, sustainable green technologies and energy saving devices, in addition to a full line of water conservation products. We also offer LEED® advising, energy tax credit and tax rebate advice, even professional arts and decor for your home or office, all at wholesale clearance prices.

Protect Our Environment with Other Ways to Stop Global Warming

Buying bulk wholesale supplies and eco office products isn't the only way to be green. Businesses can save money on water use and improve energy efficiency by simply telling everyone to go home. At Myriad Greeyn, we take a tremendous amount of pride in the fact that all of our employees and sales representatives are based out of home offices around the United States, from New York to Houston to Los Angeles. We currently have offices in Washington DC, Austin and Fort Worth Texas, Las Vegas, Phoenix AZ, Virginia Beach, Chicago, Long Beach CA, Jacksonville Florida, and more. And we're constantly looking to grow. These types of sustainability practices let our employees benefit from flexible and less stressful work schedules and money saved on normal business related expenses like meals away from home, dry-cleaning, and endless commuting. As the world has become more connected through the internet, we see little need for the brick and mortar businesses of old. Visit our green jobs center if this sounds like the kind of green collar job you'd like to have.

The Y in Greeyn is You

Myriad Greeyn's commitment to sustainable eco-friendly business practices naturally conserves energy, increases productivity and lowers costs that we pass on to you, but most importantly it allows our employees more time with their friends and family. Through our approach, we are preventing nearly two tons of carbon dioxide from entering the Earth's atmosphere per employee, each and every year. We believe that's what a green company should be if it expects to help others go green. Myriad Greeyn put the Y in Greeyn, but we want to be able to say "The Y in Greeyn is You" too. Come join us or adopt these same green sustainability practices at your home, office or place of business, and go green today with the green company for sustainable sustainability, Myriad Greeyn.

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