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Advertise Your Website or Blog

You can advertise your website or blog on Myriad Greeyn and on our blog, purchasing up to ten total links placed anywhere on Myriad Greeyn, except our home page, product category pages or product pages. That leaves over three hundred informational pages to choose from. However, they must be links to kid-friendly sites and be remotely relevant to our content.

Myriad Greeyn will even accept your relevant and original content for dedicated pages on the Myriad Greeyn Blog. Not only can you advertise your Website or Blog, you can put backlinks to your sites in your own articles on our blog, so the content surrounding them is as relevant to your backlinks as you can make it. On the Myriad Greeyn Blog, you can place a maximum of ten links per article and write as many ten-link articles as you want. So the major difference between getting links on and on, is you can advertise by buying unlimited backlinks on our Blog, but you can only advertise with a maximum of ten backlinks on the rest of this website.

Advertise Your Website or Blog with Content Related Backlinks

As far as content related relevance goes, when you advertise your website or blog by purchasing backlinks from either of our websites, you'll notice that Myriad Greeyn is clearly a "green" company focusing on everything green, which can be an extremely broad topic. For instance, governments and businesses going green can have huge financial advantages or consequences, another broad range of economic related topics; humans' widespread destruction of the earth has far reaching health implications, another broad range of health related topics; and the list goes on and on because the Earth is our only home, where everything happens. So if you're wondering whether your content is relevant, just think creatively, make it relate, and that should work out fine. We've got a pretty creative web content crew too, who would be happy to help you.

If you want to advertise your website or blog with a few keywords as anchor text then there's a place for your links somewhere. Take a look at our Myriad Greeyn Sales Regions Page, at the eighty-plus city-related pages we have. If your business is anywhere near any of these cities, then that's related content enough for us. The best thing for you to do if you're still wondering, is to just ask us where your type of content will fit best by emailing us here.

Advertise Your Website or Blog with Banners

Perhaps you noticed advertising banners on all our informational pages. We have two types of categories, informational/educational and product pages. The informational/educational pages are the ones under the Myriad Greeyn tab, or any other tab that isn't titled Shop Categories. Pause your adblocker if you don't see ads near the top of this article. Honestly, we don't like Google Adsense banners because they slow down our website, and then Google ironically penalizes us for having a mildly slow website. Our banners were all Flash Banners, which are becoming widely deprecated now that HTML5 is taking over, along with so many mobile devices being in use today. These banners simply don't show up everywhere anymore.

In our company affiliate program, where we would advertise on your website or blog by paying for referred sales (which you can sign up for too), we've been replacing all our Flash Banners with animated GIFs. We'd prefer Animated GIF banners and you should too, because they show up everywhere. Please, nothing larger than 5Mb though. We accept animated PNGs as well, and wish we could accept HTML5 videos, but they don't show up on our site because of our hosting service currently, though that may change.

All types of still images are accepted, but no matter what type of banner, we only accept two sizes, 728w by 90h and 160w by 600h the most common and easiest to see. We'll gladly replace any Adsense Banners you see, other than the banner on the bottom of every page, because those are universal to the entire website, showing up on thousands of pages (we'll entertain an offer, but it would have to be big). We realize most of this is rather vague. We can't possibly go over every scenario and we're aware that each instance is unique, so just email us here with questions.

No Bad Behavior Please

We check every link sent to use thoroughly; we check the HTML, related Javascript, etc. If we can't access your Javascript, we can't place your banner on our site. We prefer simplicity, but we'll still entertain more complex instruments so as not to exclude anyone. We run everything through many different checks and balances to make sure your advertising is white hat and your website and/or blog are good places. The legal terms and conditions for our website and company are on our Terms of Use page.

How Much Does it Cost to Advertise Your Website or Blog on Myriad Greeyn

The more advertising links you buy to your website or blog, the cheaper it gets. Everything is priced on a subscription basis that automatically bills your account each month for each link you've received. One link costs $10.00 per month, no matter what form it's in.

Click the Payment Options drop down to see a pricing breakdown. You can add or subtract from your advertising subscription at any time by contacting us after subscribing. The advertising subscription will remain in effect until you cancel it, billing you every month on the same day for the same amount. We use PayPal for this service as it's the most simple and secure way. After you click Subscribe, you will be sent to PayPal to enter your information.

Please do not subscribe until emailing us here. After we communicate and agree upon everything, ensure your links appear as agreed upon, then come back to this page to subscribe.

Payment Options

Thank You for Your Interest in Advertising on Myriad Greeyn

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