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Receive Discounts of up to 35% by Ordering on Myriad Greeyn Business Products Catalog is an easy way for Myriad Greeyn customers to browse an online catalog of over 40,000 business products, including: office supplies, office furniture, computer supplies, break room, and janitorial supplies. provides the ability to browse products online while offering additional information like manufacturer's warranties, coupons, rebates and other discounts. Browse the website directly without ever having to leave this site, because Myriad Greeyn offers every product from The Biggest Book.


Finding Green Products on

Myriad Greeyn offers eco-friendly products, but offers a wide range of products, not all of which are eco-friendly in nature. We offer the service so you can receive these products directly from the manufacturer, reducing fuel pollution by avoiding redundant transportation of the products from the manufacturer to a warehouse to a store to you. According to our partner, approximately 7,000 of the 40,000 plus products in the Online Catalog have eco-friendly attributes. To find out if a product is eco-friendly, click on the Description tab and the Product Details tab.


Two Ways to Purchase Business Products

While no one can purchase directly through the Business Products Catalog, you can easily shop for the same products on Myriad Greeyn through our Search field or by browsing our categories. If you're having trouble, just email us at Myriad Greeyn Sales, or call us at the toll free number listed at the top of the page.

Please note that is an information-only website, allowing you to research and compile a list of products you desire at list prices. While the prices listed are a useful guide, please consider them a worst case scenario, because in most cases, Myriad Greeyn will give you far superior pricing than While this may not apply for single items, bulk orders will most certainly receive discounted pricing levels depending on the size of the order.


Shop Products Right Here on Myriad Greeyn

We have taken the liberty of including 100% of the products on Myriad Greeyn so that you can simply add them to your cart with all of our other products. That means you don't have to worry about waiting to see how much better your pricing is in a returned email from us like on other websites, because you can see our pricing in the products. You can find them in our search results by searching at the top of the page. The only difference in our regular products is that we charge shipping on all products.


Shipping isn't Free on Orders

While shipping is always free or included in the price at Myriad Greeyn, we apologize, but that's not the case when shopping the Business Products Catalog. Any orders you place for business products from here on Myriad Greeyn, are charged shipping based on weight, size, origin and destination, generally shipping UPS Ground, but often arriving much sooner than our other predominantly bulk, free shipping products. The products we charge shipping on usually arrive in 3 business days, instead of merely shipping in 5 business days, and you can purchase these products in much smaller quantities. Business Products Catalog

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