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Houston, Tx Green Office Supplies

Houston, Tx Green Office Supplies

Houston Texas Wholesale Supplies

This is Myriad Greeyn's Houston, Texas Wholesale Supplies page, where you can find information and contacts in the Houston, Texas area for buying green wholesale office supplies. Myriad Greeyn is also looking to hire professional sales representatives for green sales jobs, where you can earn fifty percent of gross profit on all your sales. Myriad Greeyn is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business - SDVOSB, that's family owned and focused on customer service.

Find a Green Sales Job in Houston Texas

Contact Myriad Greeyn here if you're looking for a job and are interested in selling green wholesale supplies in Houston Texas. While we don't pay a salary and you may have to make it a part time job in the beginning, it could easily grow into much more. That's because Myriad Greeyn never makes more than you make on your hard work. We split the gross profit on your sales with you, fifty fifty. Myriad Greeyn is tired of the feudal system that capitalism has become, where only the few capitalize on the work of the many, while those same few complain they pay all the taxes, and why would they logically not if they only properly pay themselves.

Buy Green Wholesale Supplies in Houston, Texas

We believe we should never make more than you do on your hard work, but while we're generous in that respect, we'd quickly go bankrupt paying everyone a salary when they haven't shown us their value yet, because honestly, who wouldn't want to work for a company that believes in equality. We believe in it so much that even our corporate bonuses are equal from top to bottom. That's right, the CEO's bonus is the same as everyone else's.

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