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Green Job Center

Green Job Center

Myriad Greeyn is Hiring Sales Reps & Managers for the Best New Green Environmental Jobs of the Future

Myriad Greeyn is looking for Professional Sales Representatives and Sales Managers Nationwide for the best new green environmental jobs of the future. In our green job center you'll find that Myriad Greeyn is constantly looking for nationwide green sales managers and green sales representatives, and that we pay very well for them to have more time off work. Having an environmental job, a green job, a green collar job - whatever you want to call it - brings with it the added benefit of knowing your work is worth more than with any other job out there, as you are helping to create a sustainable Earth for the future, so green jobs are naturally the jobs of the future, making the Earth itself a green job center like no other.

A Different Kind of Green Job, the Best New Job You'll Find

This isn't the kind of green job you're used to reading about or working; there's no central office to fight traffic through for hours in order to listen to the same nonsense at a fifteen minute meeting every day, only to fight through more traffic on your way to appointments or the local job center to apply for a better job. At Myriad Greeyn we consider that a waste of everyone's time and an enormous contributor to unnecessary pollution, so at Myriad Greeyn your office is at your home, and our meetings, if we have them, are over conference calls, the internet, or on your TV via Telepresence. We're so damn green we can't even get LEED certified, because the Green Building Council can't certify thin air. No that's a green job.

In What Job Center Do You Hear "Be Your Own Boss"

At Myriad Greeyn, rarely will you ever need to meet a co-worker or manager face to face unless you require assistance or training. We will always be there for you if you have questions, however. And even though we currently have sales people in cities across the country, our company is just beginning, so most likely you'll be a manager and you'll surely have your choice of city in most cases. The best new green jobs of the future just happen to be in your own home, not at the local job center.

Our Green Jobs Pay You a Percentage of Revenue

Since your new green job's office is in your home, and because we 1099 you as a contractor, you can write that office space off on your taxes, along with a great deal of other things. No, we don't provide you with health insurance, but we pay in revenue percentage, so you earn more money without being subjected to the whims of corporate gross profit squabbling due to those type of expenses. We also offer a lucrative internet sales share plan that provides consistent referrals and a great deal of exposure. In fact, here's a great website as an example, as you may inherit one of the many we have around the country and the world. We spread the best environmental jobs as if they were seeds, because that's the only way heal the Earth.

Professional Sales People Know the Best Jobs When They See Them

Myriad Greeyn may pay a rewarding revenue percentage, but we pay strictly commission: no draw, no salary and no benefits; that is, if you consider nothing we previously mentioned beneficial to your quality of life. At Myriad Greeyn we believe pay should be commensurate with work ethic, effort and professionalism. We strive to find and reward professional sales representatives who believe in themselves. If this structure sounds like it's right for you and you'd like more information, please contact us here, and if you'd like to find out what green products you'll be selling, please continue reading about our green jobs.

Our Green Jobs center on Eco-Friendly Office Supplies and Green Technologies

It's always important to know what you'll be selling if you become part of the Myriad Greeyn family, taking on one of the best green jobs anywhere. We focus on large corporations, businesses and government organizations, as well as consumers, all with an eye on sustainability and a desire to go green. We carry over 50,000 products and supplies, all eco-friendly, from green wholesale bulk office supplies, green technologies and energy saving devices to specialty arts and decor. We offer everything in bulk so consumers save money and save on fuel consumption during delivery, reducing pollution and waste. This is why we call ourselves the green company for sustainable sustainability, because we make sustainability affordable. If this sounds like an ideal situation, please contact us today. And, check out some of the green products you'll be selling below.

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