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Katun is a Leading Provider of OEM Compatible Imaging Supplies

Katun is one of the world‚ôs leading providers of OEM-compatible imaging supplies, photoreceptors, and parts for copiers, printers, MFPs and other imaging equipment. From our humble beginnings in 1979, we pioneered and helped legitimize the imaging supplies aftermarket. Today, we serve 14,000 customers in 138 countries from our headquarters in Minneapolis and dozens of worldwide locations.

Katun is the perfect complement to your OEM, with new-build and remanufactured printer products; providing a large and growing selection of high-quality color printing parts and supplies. In addition to providing parts and supplies for your legacy monochrome machines, we‚ôll help you discover new revenue streams and increase profits with new-build and remanufactured printer products, while also meeting the changing demands of your existing customers. Katun is the ultimate complement to your OEM; providing value when and where you need it most.


It is Katun‚ôs mission to be the world‚ôs best and most-trusted OEM-alternative source for office equipment imaging supplies and parts. Our goal is to provide our customers with the optimal combination of high quality, cost savings, innovation, and support to enable their businesses to grow and prosper ‚ì with Katun regarded as their invaluable and trusted business partner.

Katun's Commitment to the Environment

Being environmentally friendly is one of Katun‚ôs core values. We believe that in order for people and organizations to prosper, we must protect the environment first, as a healthy planet and a healthy community go hand-in-hand. This applies to our local and global communities as well. Katun is committed to doing the right thing in our overall approach to the environment, and in our compliance with environmental and safety directives from the governments where we do business.

Katun‚ôs recycling programs, like our popular Cash-for-Cores recycling program for copier and printer component cores (available in select markets), can help reduce environmental waste, save you costly disposal fees, and provide you high quality, cost-effective replacement parts for your fleet of copiers and printers.

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