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Xpedx Graphic Supplies, Printing Press Machines, Bindery and Finishing Equipment

Xpedx is the Country's Top Paper Supplier and Single-Source Provider of Graphic Supplies, Printing Press Machines, Bindery and Finishing Equipment. In fact, our paper distribution network dates back to the early 19th century, and has evolved to serve every pre-press, on-press and post-press need of the modern American printer.

Commercial printers of every size and specialty know xpedx is the country‚ôs top paper supplier and single-source provider of graphic supplies, printing press machines, and bindery and finishing equipment. As xpedx services to the printing and publishing community have expanded, so have our offerings to the creative, manufacturing, in-house facility maintenance, building service contractor, and retail industries. We are also a fully vested supplier to U.S. federal, state and local governments.

Today, xpedx is a multi-national company, helping customers gain competitive advantage through efficient supply chain management and e-commerce solutions that leverage our customers‚ô technology investments. Our comprehensive offering includes warehousing services, third-party logistics, transportation, and distribution management.

From packaging supplies and packaging equipment, to janitorial supplies and cleaning equipment, from retail fixtures and signage to store and guest supplies, xpedx efficiently distributes what our customers need, precisely when they need it. This allows our customers to focus on their core business ‚ì the things that enhance profitability and foster growth ‚ì while we take care of the rest.

Responsible Efforts, Sustainable Results

xpedx is proud of the products and services we provide to our customers. It is our passion and commitment to offer products our customers want while ensuring responsible stewardship of natural resources today and for generations to come. We have always taken a sustainable approach to business that balances environmental, social and economic needs. Our commitment extends beyond the products we provide to finding opportunities to operate in a sustainable manner and education of our employees.

To xpedx, Sustainability means:
  • Caring for the environment and our business
  • Caring for present and future needs
  • Continuing to use resources wisely
  • Creating a smaller footprint
Translating our meaning into action we are focused on three key platform areas:
  • Selecting products that offer our customers a choice from responsible suppliers
  • Reducing the environmental footprint of our operations
  • Building strategic partnerships
An essential part of our sustainable business strategy is to run our operations in a safe and healthy workplace and to continually improve our environmental performance.
We are committed to:
  • Working with employees to create and maintain an accident-free workplace
  • Emphasizing prevention of emissions and elimination of excursions

We enthusiastically embrace the challenges we all face to safeguard our world. We are committed to stretching our imaginations, engaging the creativity of our employees and working with our customers and partners to discover new approaches and innovative solutions. We recognize that we must continuously improve. That's why we are always open to fresh thinking and gauging our progress. The core of our sustainability philosophy is that we must work together to drive business success while Sustaining a Better World for Generations.

About Us

xpedx is the world‚ôs largest distributor of printing papers and graphic supplies and equipment by revenue and volume. It is a fast-growing provider of packaging and janitorial-sanitary supplies and equipment and has a third-party logistics (3PL) business serving large and midsize retailers and manufacturers worldwide. xpedx customers include commercial printers and publishers, manufacturers, retailers, facility managers, U.S. government agencies and companies across many industry segments.

Global Solutions

In late 2007, xpedx began operations in Canada with a national headquarters, a 150,000 square foot distribution center, and two xpedx Paper & Graphics stores serving the Greater Toronto area and surrounding cities. In 2009, xpedx acquired Gould Paper (Canada) Ltd., which today operates as xpedx Canada West, with multiple distribution centers in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.

Additionally, xpedx owns and operates distribution centers and stores in Mexico. Headquarters are based in Chihuahua.

xpedx also serves its customers globally through strategic alliances with Antalis ‚ì a leading distributor of paper and packaging supplies and equipment in numerous countries across Europe, Asia, South America and Africa; and with Geodis ‚ì a global logistics provider ranking among the top four companies in its field.

Local Commitment

xpedx is based in Loveland, Ohio, just north of Cincinnati. The company employs more than 6,500 professionals who provide industry expertise and local market awareness from more than 230 distribution centers and retail stores across North America. xpedx is a wholly owned division of International Paper which is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, employs approximately 58,000 people in more than 20 countries, and serves customers worldwide.

Other xpedx owned-and-operated businesses include Chicago-based Fidelity Container, New York-based Central Lewmar/Central Marquardt; New York-based Bulkley Dunton and Strategic Paper Group; Loveland, Ohio-based xpedx Technology Center; Loveland-based Saalfeld Redistribution; as well as a network of approximately 120 retail paper and graphics stores across North America. xpedx has a large business-to-business e-commerce hub at


xpedx has grown through acquisition, but its roots as a paper merchant date back to the early 19th century. Alling & Cory Co. (Rochester, New York), founded in 1819 as the first paper merchant in the U.S., is one of the organization‚ôs predecessor companies, along with Bulkley Dunton (New York, New York), which opened for business in 1833 and continues to operate under that name. International Paper entered the distribution business in 1986 with the acquisition of several merchant companies, and in 1998 created xpedx to serve this important market.

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