Eco-Products Recycled and Compostable Cups, Cutlery, Bowls, and Serveware

Buy Eco-Products Recycled and Compostable Cups, Cutlery, Bowls, Serveware and more, all at wholesale prices, and never pay for shipping at Myriad Greeyn. If you haven't heard of Eco-Products, this is the place to find out everything about this wonderfully green company.

Eco-Products is not a disposable products company trying to act green, they're a green company who happens to operate in disposables. Sustainable disposables sound like an oxymoron, but we live in a consumer culture where disposable products are ubiquitous, and they aren't going away anytime soon. This is an incredible opportunity to help change the world — and more importantly, the local communities we serve — by making sustainable disposable products that shift an industry.

Creating planet-friendly disposable products means, first and foremost, finding ways to make awesome products with the fewest virgin natural resources as possible.

The way we see it, a sustainable product is that which has the least impact on the planet throughout its lifespan—from creation, through life, to disposal or reclamation. Is there such a thing as a completely sustainable disposable cup? No, there isn't. We don't have any. Neither, for that matter, does anyone else.

Most traditional plastic foodservice products are made with foam, polystyrene, or polyethylene — plastics which are made with petroleum, or oil. Today we need all the oil we have to do more important things, like build renewable energy infrastructure and fuel the transition to a more sustainable world. So your disposable cup, a product that you spend mere minutes with and then toss, is not the best use of this extremely valuable resource.

As a result, we're pushing the boundaries of what is possible in disposables. Better materials, fewer and fewer virgin plastics, and more transparency as a business. We're not afraid to get our hands dirty, not if it means we can make something better tomorrow than we did today.

We focus on the cradle-to-grave lifecycle of our products to understand precisely where we can reduce our impacts as a company. We use tools like life cycle inventory and assessment to do this.

We start by delving into the lives of our products. We want to know what resources are needed to create our products. Are they renewable resources? Are they reclaimed materials? How much recycled content do they contain? Is it pre- or post- consumer? Where does it come from? How many hands touch it before it reaches our manufacturers? Is there something more sustainable out there? After these and many more questions, we make sure to create products as well or better than traditional petroleum-derived products. After all, we wouldn't be here if you wanted typical polystyrene cups.

But that is not the end of our product's lives. . . We realize that you are part of our product's lifecycle. You interact with our products, even for a few fleeting moments. And it is you who can change the destiny of your compostable cup, plate, bowl, or fork simply by seeing that it goes to a commercial composter.


We know that they are single-use items by design, so we want to create products that give you the opportunity to divert waste rather than add waste to landfills wherever possible. When you can't go with a reusable option, we want you encourage you to consider a compostable product made with renewable resources or one made with post-consumer recycled content. Any opportunity to support waste diversion is a good opportunity.

GreenStripe® vs. BlueStripe™

To simplify things, we've color coded our product lines to help you. GreenStripe® products are renewable and compostable, while BlueStripe™ products are made with recycled content.

Which line is right for you? It depends on a combination of what is important to you and what your access to recycling and composting looks like. The beauty of both platforms is that the materials themselves deliver an environmental advantage relative to traditional plastics, so you really can't go wrong.

GreenStripe® - Made from renewable resources BlueStripe™ - Made from post-consumer recycled content
If you're going green, you want people to know about it Recycled content products make it easy to share your environmental statement with the world
We design our products to look cool while promoting their environmental attributes

Polylactic Acic (PLA) Post-Consumer Reycled PET (rPET)
Bagasse/Sugarcane Post-Consumer Recycled Fiber (PCF)
Plant Starch Post-Consumer Recycled Polystyrene (rPS)

Great choice for a wide range of items BlueStripe™ products perform just like regular plastic products
Not always hot food friendly Perform well with hot foods
Look for the hot or cold icon to match the right products with your needs Look for the hot or cold icon to match the right product with your needs

Environmental BenefitsEnvironmental Benefits
Made from renewable plant materials that can be grown again and again Made from post-consumer recycled materials that have been used, recycled, and repurposed, meaning fewer virgin resources are required and less landfill waste is created
Not made from oil like traditional plastics Making new products from recycled materials helps drive recycling markets and infrastructure
All GreenStripe® products except Plant Starch Cutlery are compostable, which means they can be returned to the soil to help plants grow BlueStripe™ plastic products are not recyclable in a majority of communities, though check with yours to find out what they'll accept
Compostable GreenStripe® products are BPI certified compostable and ASTM compliant BlueStripe™ hot cups are not recyclable

Myriad Greeyn is proud to be certified by the Center for Veterans Enterprise as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.