Universal Master Products

Universal Master Products UMP is a Commercial Refrigeration Research, Development and Marketing Company

Universal Master Products UMP is a Research, Development and Marketing Company with a Focus on Commercial Refrigeration.

Universal Master Product's main products are Patented and include:

Customers using our products include:


UMP is currently in a trademark dispute with a company who trademarked a name for their patented product, the ThermoCube, so Myriad Greeyn is no longer providing the ThermoCube to our customers until this dispute is resolved. Unfortunately, due to this dispute, the Earth and future generations are the ones that suffer, as the inventors of the ThermoCube, UMP, created a truly revolutionary product that could substantially reduce commercial refrigeration costs and carbon dioxide emissions. Stay tuned for any new developments. Myriad Greeyn looks forward to eventually distributing this product again someday, under whatever name the inventor and manufacturer UMP deems appropriate. We still sell other fine products by Universal Master Products, listed below.


Logggit is a wireless refrigeration monitoring system that records actual food temperature. From simple semi-automatic to fully automated systems, with a range of both sensors and alarms. Logggit applies to all sectors of the food industry (farm to fork), and offers both temperature and humidity monitoring.
                     Loggit by Universal Master Products

Logggit c.a (complete automation):

Logggit s.a (semi-automation):

Endo-Therm Refrigeration Thermometer

The Endo-Therm Refrigeration Thermometer is a phial thermometer immersed in a food gel. When refrigerated it reads the temperature that the food is kept at, and not the air!

Endo-Therm Refrigeration Thermometer

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