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Testimonials and Customer Reviews of Myriad Greeyn

See What Myriad Greeyn's Customers and Clients are Saying

See What Myriad Greeyn's Customers and Clients are saying about our reliability, our trustworthiness and the quality of the products we sell. See what Myriad Greeyn's Customers and Clients are saying about our reliability, our trustworthiness and the quality of the products we sell. We want you to feel comfortable purchasing from us so any time we receive a compliment we display it for all the world to see, because it benefits all the world. The more people who see and believe, the more Earth we can save. So please, read on, and if you've purchased from us before we'd love to hear how we did, good or bad, though we won't be posting the bad on here, that's for sure : )

A Green Alternative for Edible Arrangements!

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Efficient refrigeration is a necessity for foodservices companies, including Edible Arrangements. Edible Arrangements - Blanco road recently found a solution to increase its energy efficiency in a simple device that originated in Britain and now is available in America. Edible Arrangements - Blanco Rd owner Stan Hershfeldt says he was impressed with the device's affordability, simple application, and it being the only product of its kind tested and certified to meet NSF requirements.

The Commercial Refrigeration Device reduces energy consumption in commercial refrigeration systems. The device connects to a thermostat sensor or can operate as a standalone unit.

Traditional refrigeration units are designed to read air temperatures, which can fluctuate drastically with frequent opening of the cooler door. Conversely, the Commercial Refrigeration Device reads food temperatures, creating a more stable temperature and decreases the cycles and number of times the compressor starts and stops. This reduces the amount of electricity to run coolers and other refrigeration equipment, saves on the wear and tear of compressors (an expensive replacement for restaurants and other food related businesses), and reduces CO2 emissions.

An additional benefit of the Commercial Refrigeration Device is that it eliminates the need for manual food probing, a savings of labor and paperwork.


Thai Talay Restaurant Loves Biopack!

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"In search of an alternative to styrofoam take-out containers for my Thai restaurant, I researched less environmentally taxing options both on-line and through local suppliers. As much as I wanted to make the switch, the options available were so much more expensive than their styrofoam counterpart, it wasn't feasible for me to do. That is, until I found Biopack.

Finally, an environmentally friendly alternative that my business can afford! We use Biopack for everything from crispy Appetizers to hot Specialty Dishes. Biopack has been great for holding the liquids of our saucier dishes and retaining the heat of our noodle, rice and seafood dishes.

Thank you Biopack for helping us to help the environment and to be more responsible business owners!"

- Tricia Hamachai Thai Talay Restaurant ‚¢ 601 Price Street ‚¢ Pismo Beach, CA


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