Custom Printed Cups and More

Eco-Products Custom Printed Cups and More

Get custom printed cups and more at Myriad Greeyn. We'll have our Eco-Products cups and grips emblazoned with your logo, or your face, smiling about being part of something so good for the environment. Just Email Us Here, Call Us at 1-866-421-7008 or click the Chat Icon above. We recommend the first method, as emails with specs, artwork and other pertinent visual information will need to be exchanged.

With single-use products, design is often an afterthought. We couldn't disagree more, choosing instead to see it as an inspiring instrument for change, a powerful tool adding value to these products through functional and aesthetic considerations of every product.

From that green or blue stripe you see around our hot and cold cups, to custom printed cups and grips, we did that first. While you may now find pleasant designs on more and more eco-friendly disposable products, few companies take the time to list their certifications, distinctions and composition of the product in large visible manner to help aid recycling and composting facilities, as well as individuals, so they can properly sort our products.

Eco-Products enjoys pushing the boundaries of product art and design. Our World Art™ cups are even more engaging than ever, available in different colors to help you select the right cup size if you're pressed for time. Our other food service products are designed with strength, clarity, and performance, with streamlined shapes making any food or beverage look fabulous.

And with Microsoft Tag technology printed on our Hot Cups, the tag can be scanned with a smartphone for instant web access and tailored educational content. Download the free mobile app at and check it out. We can even create custom tags for your custom soup cups or hot cups. That way, you can instantly interact with your customers and promote your green efforts with digital media.

Myriad Greeyn is proud to be certified by the Center for Veterans Enterprise as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.