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Affiliates Get Paid to Go Green with Myriad Greeyn's Affiliate Networking and Affiliate Marketing Programs

Make Real Money in the Myriad Greeyn Affiliate Program

You Can Earn up to 10% on Bulk Orders of Green Products
Sign up Unlimited Affiliates Beneath You
And Earn Percentages of Your Affiliates' Sales
And Percentages of the Affiliates they Sign Up Too!
No Affiliate IDs on Your Links if You Choose
Because We Only Use the Best
Post Affiliate Pro Software,
And You're Helping the Earth by Selling Green Products!
Myriad Greeyn uses Post Affiliate Pro

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Affiliates get paid to go green with Myriad Greeyn's Affiliate Networking and Affiliate Marketing Programs. Myriad Greeyn is pleased to announce our official affiliate program, where you get paid to go green. Myriad Greeyn sells green products in bulk, meaning you make more money when someone visits our site from your website's affiliate links and purchases product from us. You've never made easier money as an affiliate, or anywhere.

All you need is a website of any kind, including social sites, to a be part of our affiliate network, selling to or informing anyone about anything you wish. If you don't have a website to paste affiliate links into, we have suggestions for you below. We've also got all the affiliate networking and affiliate marketing tools affiliates need to make money, readily available, so all you have to do is cut and paste your way to getting paid.

Place Discrete Affiliate Banners and Affiliate Links on Your Website

Being an affiliate means you can post affiliate banners, advertisements and textual links for companies with affiliate programs, like Myriad Greeyn, that pay you a percentage of revenue on sales you generate for us through your website. So you get paid to go green while promoting others to do the same.

There are also affiliate networking companies out there who allow individuals and companies with their own websites to browse through endless categories of other affiliate companies like Myriad Greeyn, so you can find the most lucrative affiliate banners and affiliate links for your website. You can make affiliate networking and marketing a part-time business all its own, as affiliates make money, lots of money.

Affiliates Get Paid to Go Green with Myriad Greeyn's Affiliate Networking and Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliates Get Paid to Go Green with Myriad Greeyn's Affiliate Networking and Affiliate Marketing Programs

Remember, other affiliate companies may offer a larger affiliate commission percentage than Myriad Greeyn's 6% of revenue for 1st tier sales, but they probably don't sell in bulk. An affiliate commission of 6% of revenue on a $5.00 gadget where you earn 30 cents can't compete with an affiliate commission of 6% revenue on a $3,000 pallet of the popular Greensorb hazardous material absorbent. Yes, that's $180 for one order, so imagine our business customers ordering several pallets per week! Send us the right customers and get paid like never before.

Speaking of sending us the right customers, something that is always taught in writing, marketing and other classes all the way up through college is to know thy audience. We couldn't agree more. You will be so much more successful if you take the time to acquaint yourself with our product offering and who may be most interested in purchasing from us, but we'll briefly help you out by summarizing it here. We make the majority of our sales on small and medium sized businesses, schools, governments, and other similar entities.

We're a CVE Certified SDVOSB, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, and other veteran owned businesses love doing business with us as well, or anyone who considers themselves a patriot or takes pride in the United States, enjoys supporting our military and veterans, or makes it a point to support small businesses in this world of Amazons and Staples. And then there's the fact that we're as eco-friendly as it gets, so it makes sense to target other environmentally conscious people and businesses.

But, if you remember one thing above all others, it's that the pricing of our products is more geared towards small, medium and larger entities, and not so much the individual. And really, isn't that better for you as an affiliate, because you make more money for every sale? Consider the possibilities of how much you can get paid to go green as an affiliate in Myriad Greeyn's affiliate network.

Our Affiliate Program is designed for those who want to make money to help others go green. Affiliates earn 6% of product cost on their own sales (1st Tier), 3% on sub-affiliates (2nd Tier), and 1% on third tier affiliates, 10% potential payout from us on a single order, if you choose to recruit or hire sub-affiliates! The additional bonuses of CPM (Cost per Mile - Payments for every 1000 Impressions) and CPC (Cost per Click - Payments for Clicks) are not yet available because we are a small and growing company. But, our affiliates could mean the difference between us offering these additional revenue streams in the future or not.

Basic Commission Structure
We have a 3 Tier Structure - 6% of Product Cost on Direct Sales; 3% of Product Cost on Sales of Direct Child Affiliates; 1% of Product Cost on Sales of Child's Direct Sub-affiliates (Grandchild). So, whether someone is a child of someone else or not, whoever makes the sale directly is the First Tier Affiliate for that sale, but if you had recruited them you would also get 3% for that sale, and if you had recruited someone who recruited them, then you would get 1%, they would get 3% and the 1st Tier Affiliate would get 6%. If you never recruit anyone then no matter what you will always earn 6% on all your sales.

Payout is based upon the full sale price of the product minus sales tax, minus coupons used, but our coupons rarely take off more than 10%, and we don't charge for shipping, so that doesn't factor in anyway.

We pay using Paypal, so you'll need to set up an account if you don't have one, but really, why not have one anyway.

First payout check comes after earning first $250, but you can change that as high as you like for subsequent checks.

And that's all there is to it because we like to keep it simple.

Examples of Myriad Greeyn Advertisements

While we offer a slew of text links for writing in your blog or social site, or for your PR News, AP or Reuters account, we have tons of image based banners of all sizes, and some GIF Animations made using Alchemy Mindworks, which we add to as often as we can. There was a time when we used Flash Banners but they rarely show up anymore on many browsers and almost never show up on mobile devices, so we decided to go a route that shows up everywhere, GIF images.

While GIFs sometimes look pixelated, they at least show up everywhere, and when we weighed all our options we decided that was most important. Our other choice was HTML5, but as yet, many websites are not set up to allow the in depth coding options that HTML5 allows, and really, who wants to make five different versions of every banner? We brought this up so you know that we care; it's our job to care, because if we don't care you won't win and neither will we.

Buy Green Wholesale Business Supplies at Myriad Greeyn
This 728x90 Leaderboard Banner fits nicely at the top or bottom of any webpage.
Buy Green Wholesale Business Supplies at Myriad Greeyn

Buy Green Wholesale Business Supplies at Myriad Greeyn

This 300x250 Banner can be used anywhere on a page, or better yet, as the large focal banner on mobile devices.

Buy Green Wholesale Business Supplies at Myriad Greeyn

This 320x50 Banner can be used anywhere on a page, or as the Leaderboard banner on mobile devices.
This 160x600 Skyscraper Banner fits nicely along the side of any webpage.

Affiliate Link Options for You in Myriad Greeyn's Affiliate Program

As we mentioned previously, we use Post Affiliate Pro for our Affiliate Program administration, because it's the best. One of the main reasons we chose it was because it allows us to use something called Direct Linking. This feature allows you to submit the website addresses of the sites you will place your/our banners on, so when someone visits our site through those links, the Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) system knows the visit came from you, without your affiliate links requiring complicated referral id's being appended to them (a clear giveaway to a potential customer that you are selling something).

This also allows us to offer two different forms of links, but ultimately gives you a choice. One type of link is wrapped in an Iframe with your referral id and other information that is more consistent with the norm in the affiliate marketing world. What it allows is for us to change a banner on our end within PAP and it will update throughout the entire web, meaning you never have to monitor for broken links or images or other changes. But, because it's javascript within an iframe, conventional adblocker extensions in potential customer browsers may block these versions of the advertisement.

The other type of link is the aforementioned Direct Link, which is just a plain old link within HTML that you paste into your website. These will still work with PAP, without any id's anywhere, and adblockers will rarely block them, but they may get altered by us on the back end and you'd have to go in and change them out manually. The point is, you have the option, because we think you should. From our perspective, the SEO is better for us with the HTML Direct Link version, but if we change the ads, things will look funky on your side and you have to log into your PAP account and copy/paste the new code into your site. We don't change advertisements very often, but we do change them, sometimes delete them, etc., because well, things change. It's all up to you, and we're happy to provide these great options that few can offer.

Real Time Affiliate Example of Marketing

Here's a real time example of what being an affiliate means, because we're an affiliate of many companies too, so now we're trying to sell you some website hosting and domains below, because we're an affiliate of Volusion, 1&1, and GoDaddy. Of course, you should leave that stuff out in your own marketing, or maybe not, because being real is also effective, especially if you're honest about the value in something you're selling, as we're being here.

Another example is good ol' fashioned backscratching, like how we use Affiliate Program Directories that list a large amount of programs like ours, so affiliates like you can find us, and in return for them allowing us to list our program on their Affiliate Program Directory for free, we gave them a link to their site just above, which is very valuable to their SEO, especially if our site has a decent page rank, which comes with traffic, that comes from affiliates driving visitors to our site. This type of backscratching is a great way for any affiliate to build relationships that can lead to great things.

As we mentioned above when pointing out the need for a website to begin affiliate networking on, we've partnered up with two companies as one of their many affiliates. We're recommending Volusion and 1& to you if you don't have a website and decide to try out affiliate marketing to make extra money on the side promoting Myriad Greeyn and others' affiliate programs, even starting your own one day. Why two affiliate programs? We believe in options, and we've used both companies, so we know that they have different costs for you to explore.

Volusion Websites Get You Noticed

Do you like our website? Did you find our website? Is our website fast, functional and easy to navigate?

If you answered yes to even a few of these then you already see why Myriad Greeyn used Volusion. It's too hard these days to find more than one of these qualities in a website company, whether you use inexpensive template based systems like Volusion or spend a fortune for design professionals. With Volusion you get it all, because the design professionals and SEO experts have put it all together for you in one place. Monthly plans start around $30.

Try 1&1 Websites for Affordable Solutions

If you're looking for a less expensive alternative to Volusion's product offering, try out 1&1's websites, which offer a complete package at great prices. If you've never considered making money as an affiliate, a great way to start is to begin small with an inexpensive website.

The functionality and ease with which you can build a working site from a template gets a little frustrating at times, but once you get the hang of it, 1&1 is cheap and effective. They are also beefing up their SEO offering and they currently give away a book by James Martell on the subject that may be the best of its kind, and it's free when you join. Monthly plans start around $10.

Get Your Website and Affiliate Program Noticed, and Get Paid More to Go Green

Affiliates get paid to go green with Myriad Greeyn's Affiliate Networking and Affiliate Marketing Programs partly because we also help you get your affiliate program started with an introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), instead of simply wishing you well. We'll tell you straight off you'll have more success with Volusion when it comes to SEO because they offer a plethora of tools for you to maximize traffic to your site. SEO is everything; without it no one will ever find your website or click on any of your banners, and you won't make any money as an affiliate, which is the point, to get paid, to go green, in your bank account, for the environment...for you, for your children, for your children's children...!

Click Here for Google Webmaster Tools and Help Page

Google's SEO Starter Guide is a Great Place to well, Start

Find Great SEO Tips and Training at SEO Here

Use Wordtracker to Find Your Keywords and Back Links to Your Website

You don't have to have a website (although having your own website really helps). You can promote our products via search engines (Learn how), posting in internet forums, tweeting, posting links on facebook, LinkedIn, recording videos on YouTube, or simply email all your friends and people you know, using your affiliate links to our product. If you have your own website, simply interact with your visitors on your website and send them your affiliate links through chat.

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Myriad Greeyn does not tolerate Affiliate Fraud or Black Hat SEO tactics of any form. If you are signing up with intentions of manipulation or fraud, know that Myriad Greeyn manually reviews all applications for approval. We also contract an affiliate auditing company to investigate and review questionable active accounts. If you are running an honest affiliate business or are just starting out, welcome; we hope you appreciate our steadfast dedication to protecting your rights and hard work.

Additional Inforrmation

Myriad Greeyn is proud to be certified by the Center for Veterans Enterprise as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.