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Myriad Greeyn's Clients
Myriad Greeyn's Clients
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Victor Technology

Victor Technology Carries Over 50 Unique Models of Calculators

Victor Technology carries over 50 unique models of portable calculators, desktop calculators, student calculators, scientific calculators, financial calculators, and printing calculators. Victor is the #1 American brand of printing calculators. In fact, Victor offers more calculators than any other brand in North America.

Victor Technology, LLC is an American owned and operated supplier of printing calculators, scientific calculators, financial calculators, basic calculators, and desktop accessories. The Victor Adding Machine Company was founded in 1918 and the first Victor Adding Machine was introduced in 1919. Nine years later we introduced “subtractor” machines that could both add and subtract.

During World War II, Victor manufactured the Norden Bombsight. This was a revolutionary piece of technology that allowed pilots to drop bombs with greater precision and accuracy, thus minimizing civilian casualties. Victor made additional contributions to the war effort, manufacturing an aircraft compass and a B-24 bomber turret gunsight.

Victor Technology Variety

For close to a century, Victor has proudly sold a wide variety of products. These have included cash registers, computers, and even golf carts. In a response to the consumer demand for social responsibility, we created a full line of products that are manufactured with eco-friendly materials and AntiMicrobial protection. With this, we created a full line of products that incorporate eco-friendly materials and AntiMicrobial protection.

We are extremely excited to have so many different products in our calculator line. The PL8000 is a feature-loaded adding machine that works in any office environment. Our newly remodelled 1280-7 has the ability to send your calculations directly to your computer via a wireless USB. The 1310 Big Print™ has print that is 150% larger than any other adding machine. Our 99901 TuffCalc™ is water/shock resistant, making this calculator perfect for working conditions where weather, dirt, or germs are a factor. The TouchCalc™ and AddPad™ feature a fun, contemporary touch screen style, similar to an iPod Touch™ and iPad™.

We are also proud to introduce our new Midnight Black Collection™. This full line of professional desk accessories is crafted from wood to create a premium desktop solution. Monitor riser, printer stand, reversible bookend and the Tidy Tower™ are just a few of the items that make up the Midnight Black Collection™.

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