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Myriad Greeyn is proud to be certified by the Center for Veterans Enterprise as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.
Myriad Greeyn's Clients
Myriad Greeyn's Clients
We take great pride in the relationships we have built with our clients and customers.

Myriad Greeyn is a MDOT Maryland Department of Transportation SBE Certified Small Business offering Green Office Supplies, Industrial Equipment and more

Myriad Greeyn is Small Business Enterprise SBE Certified by the Maryland Department of Transportation MDOT _________________________________________

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Promote Sustainability

If you'd like to help promote sustainability and saving the Earth for future generations, please copy and paste the HTML below our logo into the source code of your website or social page. The Logo below is exactly what will appear on your website or social page. Thanks for your support, says the Earth.

To Be Green, Buy Bulk Wholesale Supplies,
Eco Office Products, & Save Money on Water Use
& Energy Efficiency. Go Green at Myriad Greeyn

Myriad Greeyn Logo symbolizing sustainability through green wholesale supplies.

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Show everyone that you know how to go green, how to offset your carbon footprint, and protect our environment. Few things you can do are more simple and easy and more helpful to the Earth than to include us on your website or social page to help spread the word about sustainability. _________________________________________

CO2 concentrations are at their highest level in 650,000 years.
Graph of CO2 emissions over last 450,000 years.

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Save Money with Coupons from Myriad Greeyn

Myriad Greeyn sends out periodic special offers that cut our already wholesale prices by up to 15%, so you can save money with coupons from Myriad Greeyn. Generally, we send out between five and ten offers per year, during the holidays and near any veteran or patriotic holidays - because we're a certified SDVOSB - and around eco-friendly holidays like Earth Day. These coupon offers are usually only good for three days up to a few weeks, so you have to act fast, but with our Referral Program below, the coupons never expire.

We don't send out anything other than offers, because who wants a bunch of other junk mail that doesn't save them any money. We don't spam, so if you unsubscribe we'll honor it for sure, and we'll never give out your information to others. We only send out coupon codes over email, which are used on our first page of checkout just beneath your products, but you can also call to place an order and use your coupon code.

Unlimited 15% Off Referral Coupons that Never Expire

To receive additional 15% off coupons, friends you refer must enter your name and email address on the final page of checkout in the comments section before placing their order, but if they forget, you can email us a reminder. You will receive a 15% off coupon for each friend you refer. These coupons do not expire. Each will be a different code that can only be used once, and cannot be combined with other offers. You could end up with so many coupons that you'll always get 15% off at Myriad Greeyn, depending on how many friends you have who want to go green.

Here's an example of a link to one of our promotional webpages,, which looks a lot like what you'd receive in your email inbox, so make sure you have HTML accepted in your email client or it might show up looking like a nightmare of computer language. We usually just take this page and make changes to it for each new offer we send, so what you see may be current or expired, though the 15% off coupons never expire.

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